I banned my in-laws from seeing my children after they went behind my back

A new mum has banned her in-laws from spending time alone with her children after they ignored her explicit instructions.

The mum-of-three, who is expecting a baby boy, says she’s always struggled to get on with her husband’s family, as they’ve never acted as though they care about her.

But she’s tried to smooth over the cracks, as she wants her children to have a good relationship with their grandparents.

After having two boys, she most recently gave birth to a girl, who is one-year-old and her in-laws pressured her to get her ears pierced as soon as possible.

They pressed her multiple times to “take the chance while she’s young and won’t remember the pain” but the parents refused – so the mum knew they were clear on her and her husband’s stance.

She thought the issue had been resolved and recently left her children with her in-laws, while she went shopping for baby clothes with her husband.

But it turns out it wasn’t, and the mum has asked for advice on Reddit, where she explained: “On our way back, we called to let them know we’d be there in about 20 minutes.

“They told us they went to the mall because the boys wanted to go look at toys and they’d leave now.

“I heard my daughter crying in the background, which I didn’t think much of since she’s only 17 months old. I still asked and my mother-in-law said she wanted ice cream, but they said no. Alright, fair enough.

“Now when we got to their house we just waited a little bit since they were on their way. A couple of minutes pass and they arrive, happy to see us.

“Our daughter’s eyes are still red from crying so I pick her up for snuggles and ask what’s wrong. Then I see it. My inlaws got her ears pierced.

“They knew we didn’t want it to be done yet since they told us multiple times to “take the chance while she’s young and won’t remember the pain” and every single time we said, “no, we want it to be her choice once she’s old enough”.

The mum said she got “really mad” and yelled at her relatives – who didn’t apologise and eventually, she drove home to cool off.

The next day, she apologised for yelling, but said it was “unacceptable,” but her in-laws hit back.

“They still didn’t see anything wrong with it and called me hormonal and irrational. That took the cake for me,” the fuming mum wrote.

“I was furious and told them I didn’t want them near my children again if neither my husband nor I am present. Then I hung up.”

After asking if she had overreacted on Reddit, one person replied to say: “Not only would you be in the right to cut off contact with them, but you should have a talk, possibly through a lawyer, with the place at the mall about why the would pierce a child’s ears without parental consent.”

A second said: “Don’t back down on this one, and if your husband waivers remind him that his parents subjected your toddler to body modification against her will, and without her consent. It’s not something that can or should be taken lightly.”

A third added: “I would have been irate! Honestly, where do they get off doing something like that?! Especially since they knew you were against it! You did the right thing.”