Home Bargains jokes it wants to change its name after a comment from a shopper

There’s arguably nothing better than a trip to Home Bargains – you don’t know what you’re going in for, but you’re almost guaranteed not to leave empty handed.

In fact, it’s so good that one shopper has described a particular section of the budget store as being “out of this world,” and honestly, we don’t disagree.

Taking to Twitter, the happy customer wrote: “I don’t know who needs to know this, but the biscuit aisle in Home Bargains is out of this world. So many biscuits.” Yep, that’s very important information in our book.

Anyone who is from Liverpool and surrounding areas, or knows someone from there, will know that in Merseyside, Home Bargains is actually known as Home and Bargains. No one seems to know why, but it is.

Anyway, Home Bargains decided to share the biscuit tweet on Instagram, hilariously joking that it should rebrand its stores to reflect the compliment.

“Just call us Home and Biscuits,” the shop joked in the caption of the post.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the post wracked up thousands of likes, and many shoppers rushed to the comments section to praise the budget supermarket’s biscuit selection.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” one Instagram user commented, while another added: “It’s me, I needed to hear this!”

A third wrote: “Yep, the kids went potty down the biscuit isle today,” while a fourth added: “One of God’s gifts to us, it is amazing. Our store has the chocolate aisle the other side.” Incredible scenes.

Many others tagged their friends, who agreed that the biscuit aisle is, in fact, “out of this world,” and laughing at the suggestion of the hilarious new name.